We’re Happy Because…Our Leadership Academy Class of 2017 Will Graduate Tomorrow at 11am at
Berkeley College in Woodland Park, NJ


From The Garden State– Hola!!

At the Institute for Latino Studies and the Latino Leadership Alliance, we are so happy today because we will be graduating the Latino Leadership Academy (LALEA) Class of 2017 tomorrow, Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 11am at Berkeley College in Woodland Park, NJ.

“The Class of 2017 began in the Spring of 2016 with a cohort of 35 men and women seeking a rewarding leadership development opportunity that would prepare them to serve their communities in a more holistic manner. They met such a challenge at LALEA,” said Dr. María Teresa Montilla, President of both The Institute for Latino Studies and the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey.

She added: “On behalf of The Institute for Latino Studies, the Latino Leadership Alliance (LLANJ), Rutgers University, Berkeley College and other institutions and leaders, join me in congratulating Class of 2017, a new generation of leaders who are now better prepared to continue serving their communities in an non-partisan independent manner.”

“Fellows have been blessed with a rewarding and unforgettable experience: A full-year of demanding leadership training,” said Néstor Montilla, Sr., Director of the Latino Leadership Academy. “We are pleased they stayed the course and endured until the end. They will be graduating with firmness of purpose: “To continue advocating for the common good of the people.”

Watch brief video so you can see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96GPgY1uux8

Please join us, ILS and LLANJ Board of Directors, Dr. María Teresa Montilla and her husband Néstor Montilla, Sr., our volunteers and stakeholders in congratulating LALEA’s Class of 2017!

You can send your sincere wishes via: thelatinoinstitute@gmail.com or llanj@mail.com.

Please, if interested, also claim a free online or printed Commemorative Graduation Journal as you reach out to us via e-mail.

For those interested in registering for Class of 2018, please reach out to us via e-mails above.

Led by seasoned experts and scholars, the Latino Leadership Academy (LALEA) seminars are held at field related sites across the state, and favor a practicum approach to training.

Topics covered by the course include Latino History and Contribution to United States, US Government, Leadership Styles, Values & Ethics in Public Service, Education, A two-party System, Criminal Justice, Health, Social Services & Economic Development, Public Speaking and Media, and a special session on Running a Political Campaign.

Fellows are strategically advised on awareness of key community issues, concerns, needs and opportunities involving those in leadership roles; and are motivated to take on leadership roles in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to influence actions that have a positive impact on the community.

Participants in The Academy are selected based on their professional and community involvement and background, as well as their commitment to submit to the rigors of intense and demanding leadership development training. Since its beginning in June 11, 2016, the program meets second Saturday of the month.

The Latino Leadership Academy is an unprecedented collaborative partnership between the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey (LLANJ) and Berkeley University to develop leaders that may serve the community in a more holistic and independent manner.

Participants of the Latino Leadership Academy acquire theoretical knowledge, as well as hands-on experience. The program is intense by design to simulate the rigors and challenges of actual leadership. It helps participants develop, improve poise, and confidence in their leadership role.

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