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Nestor Montilla, Sr.

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Trenton, New Jersey, USA—The Latino Leadership Alliance (LLANJ) announces the election of Nestor Montilla, Sr. as president of its Board of Delegates.


With his election, Montilla becomes the third president of the LLANJ since its founding twenty years ago, when four hundred leaders from across the State of New Jersey convened at a conference that concluded with the creation of a civil rights advocacy organization dedicated to mobilizing, empowering and uniting underrepresented communities.


“I look forward to continue working with elected officials, delegates, members, friends and supporters of LLANJ in advocating for all people, regardless of differences,” said newly-elected President Montilla. “The aim is to mobilize, unify and empower the diverse populations residing in New Jersey.”


Along the past twenty-five years, Néstor Montilla Sr. has worked in higher education administration at The City University of New York (CUNY), serving as higher education associate in university and media relations, television producer, adjunct professor, associate director for international programs and community relations, director of public relations, director of government relations and external affairs. Currently, he holds a directorship in academic affairs.


Montilla’s civic commitments and engagements include serving in the public sector as an appointed government official on NYC planning boards, and as an advocate in the nonprofit sector, nationally; as a researcher in residence at the Institute for Latino Studies; and as president, chairman and chief communications officer of national and statewide non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organizations, including the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR), the National Dominican American Council (NDAC), and the Latino Leadership Alliance. In 2014, Mr. Montilla was an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives seeking to represent NJ Congressional District 9.


Along the past decade, he and his wife Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla have spearheaded a myriad of multifaceted empowerment initiatives, including dozens of national and statewide conventions, external relations and communications programs, a Latino Leadership Academy to train new generations of leaders; advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform; national campaigns for fair political representation, and most recently, The Illustrious Research Project, which aims at documenting how diverse populations have contributed to the building and strengthening of the United States; the project includes a commemorative tribute journal, and an original film-documentary scheduled to be published and released in 2019.


Montilla conducts historical and contemporary research about the migratory experience in the Americas and has authored studies on presidential leadership and congress. Focusing on the power of storytelling, his research studies and film documentaries depict human interest stories of men and women whose contributions to society merit respect, admiration, preservation, and dissemination among present and future generations. Montilla’s portfolio includes over 175 research stories, various publications, several original documentary films, and the conceptualization of a multiple Emmy award winning television series about Latinos currently produced by staff of The City University of New York’s television station, Channel 75.


Mr. Montilla’s academic and professional background includes law school studies at the East Central University, and both a bachelor’s degree and a master of public administration with specialization in human resources and management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He pursued political science doctoral studies with concentration in American government and public policy. At present, President Montilla pursues a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Educational Leadership.

President Montilla resides in New Jersey with his wife Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla, a retired court administrator who along twenty-eight years of her life held different positions in the New Jersey Judiciary Court System ranging from court interpreter and probation officer to administrator of the  NJ Superior Court’s Criminal Division.



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