Top 10 reasons why Latinos and Organizations should join the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey - LLANJ

 10. Advocacy 
Representing your interests to government at local, state, and federal levels - LLANJ is the most influential and independent advocacy organization on behalf of the Latino community in New Jersey.

 9. Unity Counts  
As a team we can AND will make a difference in the laws, rules and regulations that affect your everyday life. Why feel powerless and alone.

8. A Growing Network
When you are our eyes and ears, we know what’s happening across the state. We are a terrific resource for information.

7. Make an Impact
Achieve your mission in community by supporting your local chapter.

6. Organization and Mobilization
Learn how to organize and mobilize your community and/or organizations on issues that matter to you and your local Latino peers.

5. Leadership Development
Join the group that is developing the next generation of Latino leaders in New Jersey.

4. We listen to you!
In fact we want you to call, write or email us. We listen to your suggestions and comments. We try to address your issues and we often ask you questions in our “surveys.” You count!

3. Education
Knowledge is power and we want you to have power. True empowerment is when the knowledge is transferred among individuals.

2. Communication
Receive frequent communication about issues affecting Latinos in New Jersey and the Nation.

Most important reason…

We need you!